Wayne Rooney confesses his problems with depression and alcohol

The former English international Wayne Rooney, current manager of Derby (English 2nd division), admitted in an interview with the Sunday newspaper British Mail on Sunday that during his career as a footballer he had problems managing the pressure and got to get drunk alone as an escape.

Revealed at the age of 16 with Everton and propelled to star of English football at the age of 18 after a great European Championship in 2004 with his national team, the former Manchester United star was personally affected by this sudden public exposure.

“I made many mistakes when I was young, some were in the press and others weren’t”, he said in an interview given before the premiere of the documentary ‘Rooney’ on the Amazon Prime platform.

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Wayne Rooney, former English soccer player.



“Managing that, managing everything that was in the press, managing my relationship with the coach (Alex Ferguson) of At that time, managing my family was very difficult,” he added.

“In my early years at Manchester United, probably until I had my first child, Kai (in 2009), I totally isolated myself. I never went out”
, he recalls.

“There were times when I had several days off and I locked myself up simply to drink and forget all that. Locking myself up only made me forget some problems I had. I drank excessively, “he added .

As a player, he won five English leagues and one Champions League with Manchester United. He is currently 36 years old and has found a new path in his career, as manager of Derby, a club that is going through financial problems that threaten the near future of the entity.