We already know how and when Stranger Things will end: Netflix bets on a 2 + 1 formula

If you’re one of those who fell in love with Eleven and her group of friends back in 2016, chances are you’re sick of waiting. After a first and second season relatively close in time, Netflix has been lengthening the premieres to infinity. Now we know when it will all end.

If we recap, we can see how Netflix has taken 6 years to release three seasons, which has made the hype continue to increase, while, in turn, part of the public has grown tired of waiting. Long delays have as many pros as cons.

Now, the important thing is that we already know the seasons left to finish the series, the premiere date of the fourth season and the way in which the that Netflix wants to close everything. Let’s explain it.

To begin with, season four will be released in two parts, since we will see one: Season 4 Volume 1 and Season 4 Volume 2. The first volume of the fourth season will premiere on May 27, and the second volume will arrive on July 1. Everything will be during this 2022, of course.

Once we have known this, which is not a little after years without knowing anything, brothers Matt and Ross Duffer have confirmed that the series will end with the fifth season. Of course, as for the date of this we know absolutely nothing. But you can bet it will take years to arrive.

The end of the third season was such a shock to fans, with important disappearances and an uncertain future, that the post-credits scenes of the last episode reassured, a little, the most staunch fans.

With House of Cards, Stranger Things is Netflix’s most identifying and important product of the last decade, so the importance of closing the series well (not as they did with the history of the Underwood) is vital to continue being leaders not only in clients, but also in quality.