What are Refurbished products?

If you’re one of those who regularly buys technology products online, the word refurbished is probably familiar to you. But do you know what it is or what it consists of? If your answer is negative, we recommend that you continue reading

Refurbished means, literally, reformed or renewed. Specifically, when we talk about a refurbished product, what we mean is that it is a refurbished equipment for sale. Therefore, it has been checked, repaired and repackaged by the manufacturer after it had aesthetic or functional defects.

The question that many ask themselves when they consider buying a refurbished device is whether or not it has been used. Well, this doesn’t always happen. The reasons that have led a store or manufacturer to recondition a terminal can be several.


Refurbished mobiles: everything you need to know if you want to buy one

A refurbished mobile phone may be so because a customer has decided to return it to the store because they are not happy with it, because the equipment has a small defect or, simply, the box has been opened but has never been used.

Also called refurbished products are those that are displayed in a store and, due to the deterioration that customers may have caused when they touch it, their exterior or packaging must be renewed.

The million dollar question that many ask themselves is whether it is really worth buying refurbished products. In our opinion, it depends on the terminal and the consumer.

The main advantage offered by these devices is the price: we can find discounts of up to 80% on the original equipment. Of course, if the new version of the product has significant improvements and you are a demanding user, we recommend you bet on a new product.

If in the end you decide to buy a refurbished device, or refurbished, we recommend buying it from a trusted store, such as Amazon, eBay or Apple; look at the guarantee of the same; and know the opinions of other users and experts regarding the terminal.