What Are The Categories Of Moving Companies?


Are you aware of the concept of house movers or house moving company? If not then let me tell you, a moving company is the one that enables businesses and people to relocate their goods from the current place to a new one. It involves the complete services of relocations such as:

  • Packing.
  • Loading.
  • Moving.
  • Unloading.
  • Unpacking & Arranging items.

If you are moving from one place to another and looking for a less stressful moving company or the categories of house moving companies and the services they offer then relax! Read this article to get complete information. Let’s go down!

Categories Of Moving Companies

The following are the categories of Moving companies. Take a look below!

Household Moving Companies

These companies are pro in shifting your household items whenever you want to shift or sell your home. There are further three types of household moving companies:

  • First is local moving companies that help you to move your house within a 100-mile radius and payment is based on hours. The pure moving company is one of the good examples of it. They are licensed and give you the services without any extra cost. You can trust them completely.
  • Next is long-distance moving companies, you can exceed the 100-mile distance for relocation. This is basically interstate moving. These companies must have a USDOT number from the FMCSA. If it does not have then it is illegal. The charges are based on the weight of items and the total distance. If want to move from Chicago to Spring, Pennsylvania hen checks out the best moving company spring.

International Moving Companies

Moving abroad is not an easy game! You have to do a lot regarding the formalities and rules of another country and the shifting of your items abroad. It is such a difficult task but no worries.

You can hire an international moving company and get their services because it will be tough to proceed with the paperwork for shifting your stuff.

Their charges depend on the shipment volume, transportation mode, and distance. So make sure to estimate the house moving charges and get complete information about the services they offer. Read more about how to build swimming pool.

Commercial Moving Companies

Commercial items moving are much more difficult than residential moving. Costs are much high and the process is complex because the items involve are electronic equipment, vehicles, etc. Make sure that they are trustworthy to handle the packing of items, and manage the data and records of employees.

If you are looking for an emergency moving company to move your goods within a short time, check their services first. Also, don’t forget to calculate the cost as the office transfer facility is $1.20- 40 $2.40 per square foot and the office packing is about $0.90 per square foot.

Moving Container Companies

You may have seen large containers called PODS or ABF-Upack. These containers can usually be seen in people’s driveways. These are moving containers, If you hire the moving container company, they will send you a container.

Then you can itself load it with all your stuff. Then the company will take that container and deliver the items to the given place. You can consider this as You pack and they drive. Moreover, you can take your time loading and unloading the items as much as you want.

Car Transportation Companies

This is also a category of moving company; you can now shift your car from one place to another within a country. You need to hire a professional auto transportation company and check out your affordability and services. Make sure there are no leaks in your car and that the paperwork is legal.

Door To Door Moving Company

This is a new category within moving companies. They will help you to ship a few items from one place to another. For example, you bought a study table online and you need a shipment service or you want to get something from your friend’s house you can hire a small moves or door to door moving company.

I hope you’ll understand the categories and services offered by moving companies. Now I hope you will analyze your needs and make better decisions after reading this article.