What happened to a young man, after a chase, hitting a post and shooting?

Relatives of a young man by the name of Santiago de Jesús Cañas Guerrero ask that the death of him, which occurred on January 29.

In confusing facts, the young man, aged 25, died that day.

The authorities are trying to determine if he died after being shot and wounded by other injuries, after his vehicle crashed into a pole.

The events occurred when leaving Tuluá, a municipality in the center of the Valle del Cauca, driving until reaching Andalusia, in the north of the department.

His relatives said that the young man would have been in a pursuit by the Police, in which shots were allegedly recorded in the air.

The young man lived in Tuluá and was a member of a well-known family in the city.

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Friends also assured that there are images from a security camera, in which it would be observed that the man from Valle del Cauca, who apparently was driving a gray Renault Twingo car, would have been chased by vehicles and motorcycles of the Public Force.

According to the versions and that the authorities try to clarify, everything would have started at the point known as La 40, in Tuluá, and that there would have been an incident.

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Then the persecution would have been recorded.

Upon entering Andalusia, Cañas Guerrero’s car lost control and crashed into a pole. The incident occurred at Carrera 4 with Calle 7, in front of the Eleázar Libreros school, in the Alianza neighborhood of that town.

The young man was taken to the local San Vicente Ferrer hospital in Andalusia , where he died when he was going to be intervened by the doctors of that care center.

In response to the case, the Police Valle reported, through a statement: “At approximately 11 p.m. (11:00 pm) on January 29 of this year, on Carrera 5 and Calle 6 corner, in the Alianza neighborhood (in Andalusia), Mr. Santiago de Jesús Cañas Guerrero was injured with a firearm.”

According to the statement, everything would have started at “moments when a patrol of the national model of community surveillance by quadrants of the municipality of Tuluá makes the stop signal to a vehicle, which ignores the police order and flees. It is there when the patrol requests support from GOES (Special Operations Group) units. to intercept the vehicle”.

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The Valle Police also maintain that “during this tour, the which began in the municipality of Tuluá and ended in the municipality of Andalucía, several calls were made to the driver of the vehicle so that he would stop the vehicle”,

The letter reads that the driver of the vehicle “does ignores and carries out dangerous maneuvers, putting at risk the life and integrity of several citizens and that of our police officers.”

The Valle Police statement adds: “Upon arrival in the municipality of Andalucía, in the Alianza neighborhood , there were some detonations, where Mr. Santiago de Jesús Cañas Guerrero was injured by a firearm, who was transferred to the hospital of the municipality of Andalusia, where he later died due to the seriousness of his injuries.”

Ni neither the family nor those close to Cañas Guerrero are according to the explanations of the Police and they ask the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate what they consider would have been an alleged excess of force by the uniformed men.

The Police rejected these claims and hope that the investigation will clarify what happened.

The relatives stated that the videos from the security cameras would be proof that the young man had allegedly been persecuted to his death. death.

At the Prosecutor’s Office they announced the investigation of the confusing fact.