What is Games?

Games are described as the particular activity which keeps engage a person for a long time either physically or mentally, in return a person gets joy and feels or energetic. Everybody among all of us has ever played a game once in a life must, although life is a game too.

History of games:

If we talk about a history of games then its proved statement that the concept of games were generated in a people of ancient era about 1000 or 1500 back in years. Two or more groups or individuals possess different aims fight with each other within staying in limits and hurting each other. If we also include harshness in games then it will convert into a war which is totally opposite to the ethics of the game.

Today games are also recognized as sports and wrestling is considered as the most ancient game.

Category of games:

In the recent century here are many sports available too which are most-liked among all age groups. Football, cricket, basketball, boxing, hockey, squash, polo, golf, tennis, table tennis, swimming, running, and etc are the top listed games of 2oth century. These all the games we’re supposed to be played physically but as we are living in an era of smart technologies and because of this all above-mentioned game applications and software available at our touch phones, which is not only destroying our body fitness but also the mental health of peoples especially the new generation.

Generally, games are divided into two main categories

  • Indoor Games
  • Outdoor Games

All above-mentioned list was from outdoor games, although the indoor games are also interesting and enhance our brain developing and problem-solving skills too.

Chess, Snakes and ladders, I spy, Simon says, Ludo, carom board, Cards, snooker, and etc are most favorite games to play with your friends and family when you are at home or go outside somewhere for outing and picnic.

What game teaches us?

Sports and games help in the development of our children’s challenging spirits, enhance the quality of the right decision taking on right times, boost physical and mental fitness. It plays a vital and valuable role in a person’s life as it increases intellectual qualities and give lots of self-confidence. Self-confidence is very necessary in all kinds of situations either in personal or professional life, through sports we learn to stand stiff in tough conditions.