What movies to watch this weekend on HBO Max, Movistar + and Netflix to keep up with the news

When Friday arrives and you have to choose what you want to watch on streaming platforms, you can feel overwhelmed. The offer is very wide and also we have returned to the big releases. How not to see some movies?

This week is a great example of what we discussed. When selecting our recommendations there is no other option than to stick to the present and choose films that are generally well known.

In any case, at least they are different from each other and, if one does not interest you, surely there is another that does. Let’s go with our movie recommendations to watch this weekend.

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Dune – HBO Max

It was unthinkable not to stop at what is the great premiere of HBO Max in a month that they have filled with good cinema. Denis Villeneuve’s film was one of the most important of 2021, something that is also proven in its Oscar nominations, and now it can be seen for free.

We already knew that HBO Max was going to bet very heavily on the cinema and it is a joy to see that we are enjoying it. So now you know, book 155 minutes this weekend to watch Dune on HBO Max. And if you’re left wanting more, they’ve also shared a series set in this universe.

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A matter of blood – Movistar+

Blood Matter

This is one of those movies in which the lead actor’s performance is almost above the story by having Matt Damon in one of his best roles.

A Matter of Blood narrates the journey of an oil rig worker to Marseille. His daughter has been accused of murder and he will try to understand what has happened and how to solve it. An apparently simple feature film that works very well and is available on Movistar+.

Sign up for Disney+

Disney + continues to release news, such as its STAR channel. If you sign up for the annual subscription, you will save the equivalent of two months compared to the monthly subscription.

Parallel Mothers – Netflix

We end with a film that is also in luck after receiving two Oscar nominations: best actress and best soundtrack. Although it did not manage to enter the best non-English speaking, these nominations are very meritorious.

Praised by many, criticized by others, Pedro Almodóvar’s films always arouse debate and now you can join the conversations by having it available on Netflix. I’m sure you won’t regret seeing it.