What number do you see? The viral riddle that is driving the networks crazy

Apparently, the challenge they throw at us is simple: find out what number is hidden in the millimetrically drawn lines in black and white. However, the problem, and why Twitter is on fire, is that when we think we already have the exact number, an extra number appears with each new look we take.

It literally becomes impossible to give a closed answer. It is nothing like other challenges such as the blue or black dress.

The responsible for all this is the user @srta_rous, who has uploaded to this social network an image in black and white next to the question: ”What number do you see here?” . Next, we leave you the tweet so that you yourself can check what we say. Maybe you are able to identify 100% the number that appears.

Well, the brain is in charge of reworking the information that comes to it through sight and interpreting it, a mechanism that does not usually generate any type of problem under normal circumstances, unless the object in question is ambiguous , as is the case with the viral image.

Concentric circles that hide inside a number that cannot be seen with the naked eye or, rather, that is seen in its entirety the longer we spend looking.

So what do you see? Some of the most repeated answers are: 3452839, 528, 628, 3452839, 328 and 52839. In my case, after looking for a while, I opted for 4528839. Nobody agrees here. And it is here that the perception of each person comes into play again.

Believe it or not, this optical illusion hides several circles, can you see them?

The problem with this is that we already know how this social network works when everyone comments something different. It becomes a jungle.

However, there is a fixed characteristic: there are 7 numbers that make up the total. Many tweeters rushed and commented on numbers with fewer figures. If you keep looking you’ll see that there are actually seven (another thing is which is the correct number).

There is no answer for that yet, nor do we think there will be.