What types of wedding and engagement bands are there?

If you are looking for your ideal engagement ring, we will tell you about the types of wedding bands that exist and what is special about each of them.

Marriage is an important step in the life of any couple and like alliances, it should go like a glove. But it is not always easy to agree on the model and it is possible that you are unaware of all the types of wedding bands that can exist. And it is that, not everything is the thickness or the material, there are also engagement rings where the materials, the settings, the relief or even the shape, play a determining role in its style and finish. Know more about snow toys.

From the classic polished gold ring, to a double black gold ring set with diamonds, the variety and offer of rings is increasing. So, so that you know all the types of engagement rings that exist, we have prepared this complete list.

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The 16 most special types of wedding bands

  • classic wedding bands
  • textured wedding rings
  • flat alliances
  • Crimped Wedding Rings
  • Wedding rings with motifs
  • Alliances with alternative sections
  • Alliances with combined sections
  • double alliances
  • White gold wedding rings
  • black gold wedding rings
  • rose gold wedding rings
  • Combined color alliances
  • Rings with a diamond
  • Wedding rings with several diamonds
  • Eternity or infinite alliances
  • Thematic alliances or geeks

classic wedding bands

Yellow gold rings are among all the most common types of wedding bands and the ones we first think of when looking for a wedding ring. But, even within these there are different types, the half-round section being the most classic among the classics par excellence. Learn more about snow toys for kids.

This type of wedding ring represents both eternity and the fidelity of love and its characteristic yellow color is given by the 18-carat gold used in its manufacture (since it is more resistant and easier to maintain). It is one of the types of engagement rings for which the years do not pass and that will always be in fashion, ideal for those more traditional couples who do not want to think too much about which ring to wear on a daily basis.

textured wedding rings

Halfway between the most classic types of alliance and with a differential touch, alliances with textures are gaining more and more followers among the most classic couples. What makes these wedding rings special are the finishes on their surface that can range from satin (fresh and informal), martellé (handmade air) and diamond (fun and bright) among others.

flat alliances

Another classic among classics, flat wedding bands are a variant of the more traditional types of wedding bands, but they take advantage of the ease of straight lines to be combined with any outfit.

The predominant material for this type of alliance is once again 18-karat gold and they are often widely used by grooms who seek to avoid the rounded shape of classic alliances but without going too far out of protocol.

Crimped Wedding Rings

Without a doubt, these can be one of the most romantic types of wedding bands that exist, in the most literal and literary sense that you can imagine. And it is that this type of rings stand out for having one to several brilliant stones set in a uniform style giving a touch of greater elegance and brightness to the whole.

The most romantic brides will see this type of wedding band as the perfect opportunity to show off probably the most special piece in their jewelry box on special occasions. This type of wedding rings are usually made with materials beyond gold, combining it with others such as platinum, silver or titanium.

Wedding rings with motifs

If you want your wedding bands to be even more unique and special, an option that is increasingly chosen by different couples is to engrave their surface with different motifs and details forming a pattern. At this point you are the ones who choose, being able to design your own or be inspired by others. Within all the motifs and details that we can order or design, floral, geometric designs or with special phrases for the couple stand out.

Alliances with alternative sections

If you have liked some of the types of wedding bands that you have seen so far, but do not know how to finish giving it an even more special and unique touch, you can choose to use alternative sections as the main core of the ring.

Among all the alternatives that different metals offer us, we can give the ring many shapes. Round (the most comfortable and traditional), triangular (original and striking), reverse half-round (to innovate without risking), almond-shaped (softer than the classic), trapeze (very original in the light) and hollow (to lighten the ring ).

Alliances with combined sections

Now that we have presented you with a wide variety of types of wedding bands depending on the shape of their sections, you should know that you can combine them as you wish to create new sections. Keep in mind that this opens up a whole world of possibilities such as making flat half-round rings, double triangle rings or even flat and square rings . Of course, these very special rings will have to be ordered and made to measure.

double alliances

As if it were the same union of the couple, there are some types of wedding bands that are double. Yes, these rings are very special , since they symbolize the very union of the couple, which will make the most infatuated brides and grooms fall in love.

This design is characterized by being made up of two intersecting rings that are also usually made of different materials and colors to seek a contrast where brightness and style make the difference.

White gold wedding rings

If neither of you like the golden color of gold, it is normal, you are not the only couple. For these cases, silver might seem like the ideal option, but we are sorry to tell you that it is not hard enough to become a wedding ring that you wear every day. What is the alternative? White gold, a very hard material with the same carats as yellow gold with a color very similar to that of silver.

black gold wedding rings

Have you heard of or seen black gold wedding rings? If as soon as you see them you have fallen in love, we have to warn you that black gold is not really gold. This name is more commercial and what it really refers to is ruthenium-plated white gold , which gives it this characteristic and elegant color.

rose gold wedding rings

Did you know that yellow gold can be mixed with other metals to achieve other colors? This is the case of rose gold engagement rings. This pink color can be achieved in many types of wedding bands just by mixing gold with copper, or even with other materials to achieve other types of more orange tones. But it is the color of rose gold that is increasingly seen on the hands of many brides and grooms today.

Alliances with combined colors

If you can’t decide between gold, white, pink and black. Why not mix them? And it is that, since we have dared to present you different types of wedding bands that combine different shapes and finishes, why not do the same with materials and colors?

If you don’t know where to start, we recommend some combinations of colors and materials that, due to their contrast and style, will look great between your fingers. These are white gold and black gold (modern and minimalist), yellow gold and white gold (classic and elegant), and white gold and rose gold (delicate and feminine).

Rings with a diamond

A diamond in a wedding ring? Of course! Your ring, your rules. In fact, incorporating a small diamond depending on what types of wedding bands we are talking about is a very widespread trend lately. And it is that with a small diamond we can give light to the whole set and provide a slight detail as a symbol of the durability of the commitment.

Eternity or infinite alliances

They say that diamonds are a woman’s best friend… so why limit yourself to just one for your wedding ring? Eternity wedding bands take advantage of this trend of incorporating diamonds in rings and take it to the maximum exponent, surrounding the entire piece with a complete circle of diamonds. The infinity comes precisely from this detail, since the piece is made up of a perfect circle of one of the hardest (and most eternal) materials on the planet.

Thematic alliances or geeks

Finally, and to completely get away from the conventional, we want to recommend something only suitable for the most original couples , movie buffs, series buffs and why not, geeks. And is that, had it occurred to you to replicate or introduce elements of your favorite series, movie, book or video game in your wedding rings?

This has been our review of the different types of wedding bands and commitment that we have been able to find. If you liked any of them, you can find them at a more than competitive price in the Cash Converters alliances section. We hope that this article has helped you and, above all, that it has come in handy.

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