What will PlatinumGames games look like after Bayonetta 3? The company talks about its future

I don’t know if you really want Bayonetta 3… Okay, I’m sure you do because the first two games were the real shit. And the fact is that PlatinumGames has gained enormous fame with this saga, although it has other very good games as well. Seriously, what a shame that Scalebound was cancelled, although Bayonetta 3 recovers some mechanics that were going to be present in said game that was going to be for Xbox One.

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Even though Scalebound was cancelled, they will bring something back to include in Bayonetta 3

But in addition to that game, they also have others in development, starting with the mysterious Project GG about which absolutely nothing is known yet and, honestly, I expect anything. And after the statements of PlatinumGames itself, I know even less what to find in their future games.

The future of PlatinumGames games

It was the beloved Nibellion who shared on Twitter the statements of the new president of PlatinumGames, Atushi Inaba, to the Japanese portal Famitsu and they are quite interesting:

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  • The company says future games will be “different” ?
  • This is quite interpretable, especially considering that PlatinumGames is already known for making quite varied games, so perhaps they will go beyond making games of different genres ?
  • He assures that his intention is that people can enjoy and love your games for a longer time because of the changes in the market ??
  • With these statements, I suppose you are already referring to those games after Bayonetta 3, since this one has been announced and aims to continue along the lines of the previous ones ??
  • What do you think? Leave it in the comments! ??