WhatsApp incorporates a new highly demanded function but at the moment only for a few

Thanks to the beta versions of WhatsApp we can test new features before they reach the stable version, and although many of these features, such as the new contact list interface, end up being discarded, there are others that will presumably arrive very soon for everyone like the ability to listen to audio messages while in a different chat.

And it is that the audio messages have undergone various improvements in recent months, among which are the ability to pause and resume this type of voice recordings.

But thanks to the version 22.4.75 of WhatsApp for iOS, users are now allowed to play voice messages and audio files outside of the original chats.

That is, with this we can start listening to an audio message, and leave the conversation to go to another chat and continue talking while the voice message does not stop playing.

This is especially useful when receiving very long voice messages, since we don’t have to be in the same window listening to them, but we can do other things within the same application.

Likewise, this version has brought a new setting thanks to iOS 15. And it is that when a user receives a notification from WhatsApp, now the application shows the profile picture on the lock screen, as is already the case in other applications such as Twitter and Slack.

This version has also added support for Focus mode, which means that users can still send messages (those we have selected) even when we have set Focus mode.