Why are potatoes so expensive? This they say from Corabastos

The family basket in Colombia has been impacted by high prices in the country. The cost of living increased 1.67 percent in January, according to the National Administrative Department of Statistics (Dane).

In 2021, the product that increased the most was the potato: 111 percent. In the market squares and neighborhood stores, you can feel the increase of more than double the price that it had a year ago.

The bundle of potatoes is at 170,000 pesos and the varieties at 150,000

On this, the National Government announced a series of measures that include the reduction of tariffs for agricultural inputs and a meeting with rice, milk and potatoes in the country.

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Pedro Triviño, price coordinator of Corabastos, the largest market place in the country, referred to the rise in food prices in an interview with ‘Blu radio’. He said that the potato is one of the products that “does the most for the family basket.” of supplies”. And he added: “These input prices are governed by the dollar, which is expensive, and therefore everything is expensive. If a farmer used to plant 10 hectares of potatoes, right now he only plants two hectares because he doesn’t have (his pocket) for more”.

Lower production and high input prices have led to high potato prices. Corabastos.

Triviño told the aforementioned outlet that the average prices that are being managed in that supply center have increased: “The package of potatoes is 170,000 pesos and the varieties are 150,000; the Creole potato is 210,000 pesos for the washed package.”

Another cause is due to the typical frost season at the beginning of the year in cold land areas of the country. Potatoes and vegetables, and several cold land products are scarce, he says, because “farmers don’t plan their crops for January, fearing frost.”

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Among the list of products in the family basket that have also had increases are green peas, snap beans, green beans and bananas. Regarding the prices of chicken and eggs, Triviño assured that “factors such as the National Strike had an influence when food could not be brought to Santander, for example, and several hens had to be slaughtered. And he said that “In about three or four months, the levels of entry of eggs in the country’s supply centers can be normalized.”

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The price coordinator denied rumors of shortages or shortages in the country’s regions. Regarding the government’s measures, Triviño stated that “they are going to help “, although he was emphatic in saying that “agriculture is the most neglected by the Government and for this reason, farmers are selling their land for housing construction; the aid has not been enough”.

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