Why The Matrix Resurrections Isn’t Still Free On HBO Max

The long-awaited Matrix Resurrections opened on December 22in theaters. Therefore, 45 dayshave already passed since his film debut. Why isn’t HBO Max free yet?

When HBO Max premiered in Europe, it announced thatWarner movies would be released 45 days later than in theaters. But that hasn’t happened with films likeMatrix Resurrections >, which does not yet have a release date.

This 45-day rule has not been fulfilled with Dune (analysis), which premiered on September 17 in theaters, and it doesn’t open for free on HBO Max until February 17, 5 months later. Why is this happening?

The relationship between the big cinema chains and the production companies is at a tense moment.

Theaters continue to generate money and provide a repercussion and a social component to movies that streaming does not offer, which is home entertainment.

But the production companies want to give priority to streaming because it is a business that they control 100%, and they keep all the income. At least companies like Warner, Disney or Paramount, which have their own platforms. So you have to negotiate.

What happens is that the negotiations are not global, because there are different film companies on each continent and different types of subsidiaries of the production companies in each country. .

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In the case of Warner, it seems that they have reached agreements at a continental level. In the United States, movie and streaming releases are simultaneous, at least in 2021, which is why Matrix Resurrections premiered there on HBO Max in December.

In Europe, Warner has arrived to an agreement with the European cinema chains to release their films on HBO Max 45 days after the cinema… starting in 2022.

Both Dune as Matrix Resurrections are 2021 releases, so this 45 Day Rule does not apply.

Dune has taken 5 months to get to HBO Max for free. Will the same thing happen with the last of the Matrix? It probably won’t take that long, but you will have to wait a bit.

It was released on February 5 for digital rental (12.99 euros) and for digital sale (16.99 euros) and Warner has to make this profitable for at least one or two months. So it’s likely that Matrix Resurrections won’t hit HBO Max for free, at the earliest, until the end of March or April.

There’s no choice but to be patient. Luckily, this February, 4 great films are released on HBO Max, so there is content to enjoy…