Wi-Fi 6 and compatibility: Three things you need to know

The Wi-Fi 6 standard has marked a very important leap in the technology sector. In this article we have already told you six advantages that define the value it offers, but I am aware that some users, especially the less advanced ones, still have doubts about what they need to take advantage of it. It is normal since, In the end, not all the information we can find about it is correct, and it is not well explained either.

For this reason, I have decided to write this article, where I am going to share with you three keys focused on Wi-Fi 6 and the compatibility of this new standard that will help you solve your problems. Doubts. However, if at the end of reading it there is something that has not been clear to you, do not worry, you can leave any questions in the comments and we will help you solve them.

1-A Wi-Fi 5 router will not be able to work with Wi-Fi 6

This means that if you have a smartphone that supports Wi-Fi 5, but your router only supports Wi-Fi 5, you won’t be able to take advantage of that technology.

The general rule in this sense is very simple, and it is that a router compatible with a previous standard will not be able to magically work with the new standard, we will need new hardware for it.

Wi-Fi 6

2.-You don’t need to change the router to enjoy Wi-Fi 6

We’ve said you’ll need new hardware to take advantage of this new standard, and it’s true, but that doesn’t mean it’s all limited to the router. Some companies offer adapters that can pick up the signal from a Wi-Fi 5 network and convert it to Wi-Fi 6.

This option can be cheaper, in some cases, than buying a new Wi-Fi 6 compatible router, but we must be careful and make sure that it will be able to do a good job, since that not all adapters or converters offer the same results.

3.-Your device must be compatible with Wi-Fi 6

By this I mean that if you try to connect, for example, a Wi-Fi 5-only smartphone to a Wi-Fi 6 network you won’t, just as you can’t connect a smartphone limited to Wi-Fi 4 to a Wi-Fi 5 network.

However, you could connect a Wi-Fi 6 compatible smartphone to a Wi-Fi 5 network, and a Wi-Fi 5 device to a Wi-Fi 4 network. It’s that simple, backwards compatibility is complete, but to use a new standard we need both a router and a device compatible with that new standard.

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