Will Microsoft buy Japanese studios like Capcom, SEGA or Square? A Japanese analyst sees it unlikely

The video game industry is becoming more and more like the world of football. And it is that the big teams like Sony or Microsoft seem to be fighting to get hold of the best signings on the scene. So we have galactic signings for Xbox like Bethesda or Activision Blizzard or signings like Bungie for those of the Japanese headquarters.

The market continues to move and the big giants continue to bet heavily and assure that they will continue to acquire development studios in the not too distant future. But what about the Asian market? A market where there are great development powers such as SEGA, Capcom or Square-Enix among others. This is where everything becomes more complicated to acquire studies in the case of Microsoft being a foreign company for the Japanese market.

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A Japanese-analyst does not see as likely that Microsoft will acquire Japanese studios

  • The well-known Nathan Brown has collected some statements from a Japanese analyst on the subject ??
  • This is Serkan Toto from Kantan Games ??
  • The analyst does not see the acquisition of Japanese studios by Microsoft as likely ?
  • The reason is not economic but rather for cultural reasons ?
  • Japanese companies are traditionally very resistant to being acquired abroad, and many are protected from takeover attempts by a Japanese system called ‘Keiretsu‘ ??? ??
  • Keirestu is a business group made up of member companies from different industries that own small shares in each other’s businesses ??
  • Toto said that any hostile takeover attempt ‘would be a suicide mission‘ because ‘everyone would be gone instantly‘ […] ‘I bet my house this won’t happen, never > ’??
  • Phil Spencer has always made clear his intention to acquire Japanese developers ?

Likewise, the analyst affirmed that you can never say never and if that were the case it would be very important news for the industry.