Windows 11 Pro already requires a Microsoft account to use it, as it does with Windows 10, but here you can no longer get away

Windows 11 Pro now effectively makes it officially impossible to use this operating system with a local account. Something that had already been done with other versions of Windows, making it mandatory to have a Microsoft account to use Windows.

It should be said that although Microsoft also made this imposition with Windows 10, in this version there is a trick to avoid it and that is not having the PC or laptop connected to the network, which allowed create a local account like a lifetime. But with Windows 11 Home this trick no longer works.


For Microsoft, these accounts mean more data collected

For Redmond, these accounts bring you more money, since they can associate data from our Microsoft account with Windows. For one thing, that account is our pass to purchase apps from the Microsoft Store or subscriptions to Microsoft 365 or OneDrive. On the other hand, it gives you the opportunity to get to know your users better, since it collects valuable information about our activity with the PC.

The first “big” update of Windows 11 is now available: these are all the news

This update is part of the update announced yesterday, Windows Insider Preview Build 22557, which is now available. Among other changes, we also find new features in the real-time subtitle generation system, improvements in the browser, new gestures, and much more, as you can read in the summary we made.

The announcement of this novelty appears half hidden in a mini paragraph in which the company says that “as in the Home edition of Windows 11, the Pro edition of Windows 11 now requires Internet connectivity only during the initial configuration of the device” and continues that “if you decide to configure the device for personal use, the MSA (MicroSoft Account) will also be required for the configuration”.

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