Windows 11 wants to remind you all the time that you are doing things wrong

Many were the users and even organizations that were surprised by the installation requirements of the new Windows 11 operating system, which does not support most of the computers that have been launched on the market for more than four years, causing a storm of criticism from a community of users who did not want to invest again in a device as expensive as a computer.

Although we are going to have Windows 10 security updates until 2025, the truth is that in a few years not having Windows 11 can expose many of the computers to security holes, and although Microsoft is allowing, in some way or another way, that computers that are not compatible with Windows 11 end up installing the operating system, this could end very soon.

And it is that the latest beta version of Windows 11, warns by means of a small notice, to those computers that do not meet the minimum requirements of the new operating system.

As you can see, within the system and just below the device name, there is a small warning indicating that the update requirements are not met.

Microsoft also notifies computers that are not compatible with the new Windows 11 in other ways in areas such as Windows Update and even in the PC Health Check application.

Microsoft had already originally commented that those computers that do not meet the minimum requirements of Windows 11 would not be able to receive security updates.

Be that as it may, it does not seem that Microsoft is going to change in this regard, so those computers that are not currently compatible with Windows 11 will never be able to update to the new operating system.

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