Windows 11 will be even better to play: these are the gaming news that will arrive soon

Microsoft’s great commitment to gaming is more than evident, with Game Pass and its latest acquisitions and strategy as its central pillar. Windows 11 wants to continue reigning in the field of gaming on PC, and since its launch several new features have been announced in this regard. Now the firm continues to expand the operating system with new improvements focused on video games that will soon reach users.

These improvements are already available in the build for insiders that we recently told you about, but it was also worth commenting everything that is coming to Windows 11 in terms of visual and performance improvements in games.

New features to improve HDR on our screen

Microsoft is bringing Xbox features to Windows. Its HDR calibration app has been available for some time in games, and it will soon arrive for everyone in Windows 11. The app will be very similar to the one seen on Xbox, and through three patterns we will be able to carry out the corresponding tests and improve HDR performance on our screen (if it has this technology). These patterns will help the user determine the darkest visible detail, the brightest, and the maximum brightness of our panel. The calibration will be settings recommended by the HGiG (HDR Gaming Interest Group).

On this website you can see all the games available on Xbox Game Pass, and much more

On this website you can see all the games available on Xbox Game Pass, and much more

Although Microsoft assures that the default HDR settings already work well from the start, it emphasizes that it is worth using this new app to get the most out of our panel. To find the app, just go to system settings> Display> HDR.

Optimizations for windowed games


Another novelty that promises to improve performance in games is the so-called ‘Optimizations for games in window mode’. It is expected that with a series of adjustments it will be possible to improve latency and add other options such as Auto HDR and VRR (Variable Refresh Rate). To access this option, simply go to System> Display> Graphics settings> Change default graphics options.

New dynamic refresh rate options outside of games

Finally, Microsoft has also announced that it will expand its dynamic refresh rate experiences on laptops with more than 120 Hz on its panel. This means that, beyond games, we will also find a more fluid experience when moving the cursor and swiping in documents and browsers. This feature will not only be available in Office, but also in Microsoft Edge Canary, Windows UI, and the Settings app. To add these options in Microsoft Edge Canary, we must enter this URL: “edge://flags/#edge-refresh-rate-boost-on-scroll”, enable the option and restart the browser.

mprovements that will be coming progressively

With the recent release of the insider build, the options may not be available yet and may have to wait for them to arrive progressively. It should also be noted that at the moment we can only activate them if we participate in the program for insiders. It is expected that in the coming months they will end up reaching the public.

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