Windows 11 will have its most important update in a few days: here’s what it will fix

As we were able to tell you in December, Microsoft planned to release a feature that was inexplicably only possible in Windows 10 and previous operating systems: displaying the date and time on the secondary monitor. Although its arrival occurred in the version for insiders, now the company has confirmed that it will reach its latest stable build through the latest patch notes.

Microsoft has not yet given details on when we will be able to update our systems to this new version, although considering that it is already in the Release Preview channel, it should reach all Windows 11 users in the coming days.

My Windows 11 experience gets so bad with every update that I'm starting to consider going back to Windows 10

My Windows 11 experience gets so bad with every update that I start to consider going back to Windows 10

More features added to this new update

Although it was something that only affected those people with several monitors connected to the PC, we must not forget that more and more of us are joining this type of panel configuration, especially to increase our productivity in the system . This feature is just one of many that Microsoft has yet to pay attention to.

In addition to this function for the taskbar, Microsoft has added other improvements in its build 22000.526, such as the arrival of Android apps to Windows 11 outside the program for insiders, or the redesign of notepad (now with dark mode) and the default Windows player. In addition, the widget that offered the weather information will return to the taskbar, and Microsoft has added a button to mute our voice for Microsoft Teams also in the taskbar, among other things.

Although Microsoft launched Windows 11 with innumerable issues to polish, it seems that little by little it is getting on the right track. However, it must be taken into account that the market share of this operating system is currently only 7.42%, a worse start than with Windows 10.

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