Windows 11 will warn that your PC is not compatible with Windows 11… even if you are already using Windows 11

It is possible that Windows 11 has generated more conversation for its mess with the minimum requirements than for all its new features. And it is that despite the great wall that things like TPM 2.0 suppose for many computers, it is still possible to install the system on a non-compatible computer.

The last big thing related to this is that the system starts telling you that your PC is not compatible and does not meet the requirements. As Albacore discovered, next versions of Windows 11 will include a tiny reminder that you don’t meet the requirements.


I’m using Windows 11 on an unsupported computer: What does this message mean?

At the moment, absolutely nothing more than that. Your computer doesn’t meet the minimum requirements, but you’ve still installed Windows 11, you’re receiving updates, and I wouldn’t change anything about it…for now.

We ourselves at Genbeta have upgraded to Windows 11 on an incompatible PC with no problem, and despite Microsoft’s warnings to only do it at our ‘own risk’, so far all computers have not supported have been receiving updates as normal.

Microsoft is still not entirely clear on what exactly it means to use Windows 11 on an unsupported PC. The possibility of not receiving updates was an initial fear, but this has not happened. However, the possibility of stopping receiving updates in the future, still exists.

The new warning does not suppose (for now) any type of limitation to use the system

I upgraded to Windows 11 on an incompatible PC – here’s my experience and how to do it

This new warning message appears practically hidden under your computer name when you open System Configuration. Next to it, a “learn more” link takes you to Microsoft’s support website. Nothing more. It’s less conspicuous than the desktop markings you get in preview builds, or the famous Windows not activated message.

What all this means is that Microsoft is treating the matter with kid gloves. They have allowed the installation of the system, they have even offered ways to skip the minimum requirements, but always trying to wash their hands of possible current or future problems that result from accepting the risk of going against the compatibility requirements. This could be another new little chapter in the book of warnings that don’t want to scare you too much or at all.

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