With a police plot, HBO Max brings back the creator of one of the best series in history

If you are one of those who have gray hair, surely you will remember the series The Wire. This work was key in the reconversion of television as a medium for broadcasting audiovisual works of the highest quality, following in the footsteps that The Sopranos opened two years earlier.

The Wire showed the toughest part of drugs and crime in a city as well known as Baltimore, in the state of Maryland. Once a high-class city, something that contrasts the series (if you miss it, take a look at this list to find series of the style).

The fault that this series broke the mold is by David Simon, creator and main author of the series and the plot. And that’s why today we’re talking about The City Is Ours, as it marks Simon’s return to the detective genre. And what this man does is gold.

His new creation will arrive on April 26 on HBO Max in miniseries format, with 6 confirmed chapters and lasting more than an hour each.

It isbased on the book by journalist Justin Fenton, editor of the Baltimore Sun newspaper,which recounts the rise and fall of the Baltimore Police Department’s Weapons Tracking Task Force. , along with the corruption and moral collapse they suffered.

the last of us

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The cast is dreamy, with Jon Bernthal, Wunmi Mosaku, Jamie Hector and McKinley Belcher III. The aesthetics and the images that have been made public today call for hope. With caution, of course.

The series, as we told you before, will premiere exclusively on HBO Max worldwide on April 26 and marks the return of David Simons to the police genre, just as we will return to to see Jon Bernthal, an actor who does not get rid of his role as a policeman/justice man, after some time without knowing about him.