With the next version of Chrome 99 you will be able to sign documents by hand without external plugins

According to a changelog mentioned by the company, Chrome Beta 99.0.4844.16 will contain stability and performance fixes.

The beta version of Chrome 99 is now available on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, and the final version is expected to be ready shortly.

As for the most notable new features, it has a simple download button bar in the upper right corner (it would be quite similar to what we have in Microsoft Edge). The download icon turns blue when something is downloading and turns gray again once the item has downloaded.

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We also note that this beta version includes support for a handwriting recognition API. Google has been experimenting with this API since Chrome 91, and it is now available in the latest beta version.

This will make it easy for developers to create note-taking and drawing apps that work seamlessly across different platforms without having to use third-party integrations.

Chrome 99 wants to solve, on the other hand, problems with ad blockers. As of this version, Google no longer allows new ad blocker extensions to use Manifest V2. New ad blockers must now use Manifest V3.

What? mean to the user? Google will stop giving extensions access to a fundamental API for the operation of ad blockers (webRequest), in favor of another that will limit their effectiveness: declarativeNetRequest, and which they qualify as more secure.

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However, this is not the case since the extensions will stop filtering and it will be the browser itself that does it, with a list provided by these blockers.

As for the tabs, they search improve their organization. You’ll be able to group tabs or pin them to automatically open the websites you use most often.

Finally, web apps can now specify a different theme color and background color for the dark mode using the color_scheme_dark field.

Try this new version and experience these and other changes that will be included and modified until the official version is released.