With the two new schools in Bosa, nine have been delivered since 2020

Two new schools were delivered yesterday in the town of Bosa by the National Government and the District. These are the educational institutions Parques de Bogotá and Laurel de Cera, located in the Campo Verde area, which already benefit 2,240 students from the south of the city.

These two projects –which began to be executed in the last administration– were built thanks to the articulated work between the Miniducación, through the Educational Infrastructure Financing Fund, and the Bogota mayor’s office.

“We want to transform the educational system, but that doesn’t start in 10th and 11th grade, but from early childhood. We want our students to be entrepreneurs and leave well prepared with those skills that will give them more opportunities, more work. That is our dream”, said the mayor Claudia López.

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The Laurel school de Cera, whose investment amounted to 21,993 million pesos and benefits 1,120 students, has 32 classrooms (8 for preschool and 24 for elementary and middle school), kitchen, dining room, multipurpose room, library, language center, an auditorium two levels, rehearsal room, dressing rooms and two 1,080-square-meter asphalt-based courts for soccer and one with synthetic turf, among other features.

The Parques educational institution Bogotá –which had an investment of 23,060 million pesos– has the same number of classrooms and wellness spaces as Laurel de Cera; however, it will be the first district school to have a synthetic athletic track.

The Parques de Bogotá and Laurel de Cera institutions will attend in a single day from preschool to grade 11 and will be a fundamental stage in the stimulation of competitive sports.

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In addition, both institutions have a bridge that connects them with the learning block, which has three levels, laboratories, a dance hall and an elevator.
“I want to highlight here how nice it is to work together on the part of the national administrations and district. The mayor and I are graduates of public schools and that is why we highly value the education that is taught here,” said the Minister of Education, María Victoria Angulo.

According to the District, for the construction of both schools the city contributed more than 31,200 million pesos, while the Nation allocated 13,800 million pesos.

These two institutions are added to the seven that have delivered in the last two years. “Four other schools are about to be delivered (…) For their part, ten more are in execution of work, four institutions will begin work in the coming weeks and the four additional schools, to meet the goal of 35, are in the end of consultancy”, said the District.