Women who have refused to be vice-presidential formula in these elections

Three well-known Colombian women have rejected the possibility of being the vice-presidential formula in the presidential campaign of some of the candidates who want reach the Palacio de Nariño in these elections.

The well-known actress, presenter and singer Margarita Rosa de Francisco, usually talks about her political positions through her social networks. In this way, she has made her closeness to the Historical Pact, Gustavo Petro’s movement, quite clear.

This sparked speculation about the possibility of her participating in politics and even becoming the vice president of Gustavo Petro , in case he wins the vice-presidential elections.

However, the famous woman has flatly rejected the possibility of reaching that position. “Think about this: if I agreed to be Gustavo Petro’s vice-presidential formula and we won, and for reasons of life the president was absent or “something happened to him”, I would remain president. No? A truly macondian situation. A delirium! Sanity please,” she wrote on her Twitter account.

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The actress Johana Bahamón, well known for her work as an activist and her leadership in the Internal Action Foundation , would also have rejected this possibility, according to what the journalist Julio Sánchez Cristo commented on ‘La W’.

What has transpired is that the actress would prefer to continue with her social work in favor of social reintegration, instead of entering politics.

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Beatriz Fernández, the owner of Crepes and Waffles, didn’t even answer the phone

Another who didn’t even consider the possibility was Beatriz Fernández, the owner of Crepes & Waffles; this despite the insistence of the former mayor of Bucaramanga, Rodolfo Hernández , who said that he did not want to get on the phone.

The engineer said that he also offered the vice-presidency to entrepreneurs Arturo Calle and Mario Hernández, who rejected him.

“I have spoken with several to offer him the vice presidency. With Arturo Calle and he said no. Those who can participate to help straighten out this Colombia that we love so much, when you call them they say no. Mario Hernández, also from Santander, said no. Beatriz Fernández, the owner of Crepes and Waffles, didn’t even answer the phone, “he said.