Wordle has saved an elderly woman who was kidnapped in Illinois

An old woman who was kidnapped from her home has said that Wordle has saved her. How? Apparently, she played Wordle daily with her daughter and the last attempt to solve her word did not reach her.

All this has led to the arrest of a 32-year-old man in Lincolnwood, Ill. The police arrived at his house after a notice to check the well-being of the woman at home.

From now on we warn you that there are many details that could make various people uncomfortable . If you continue reading, we understand that you do so with the consent of cause.

As reported by CBS Chicago, via Eurogamer.net, 80-year-old Denyse Holt was startled one night. In the middle of her dream, she was awakened by a naked and bloodied man, James H. Davis III.

The man now faces charges of breaking and entering with a dangerous weapon, kidnapping aggravated while armed and assault on an officer.

The man got into bed with Holt, who remained calm and composed: “I was just trying to survive, that’s all“, said Holt that the only thing he heard from him was “I will not hurt you or bother you“.

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 But he ordered her to take a shower with him, only to change her mind. Instead, she told him to take a bath with him since the water wasn’t hot enough.

After this she walked her around the house unplugging phones and removing traces of blood. Especially the broken window that she had used to sneak into Holt’s house.

That’s when the heartbreaking thing comes, she barricaded herself with Holt. Using the bathroom in the basement of the house, she kept her prisoner in that place for 17 hours.

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As usual, Holt’s family and friends noticed something was wrong with him because he wasn’t responding to messages from him. Holt sends her daily Wordle puzzle to her daughter every morning, but on that particular day nothing arrived.

This detail led Holt’s daughter to call the police. who did a home inspection. After several tens hours, with even a SWAT team that had to stun the man with a pistol, everything was a scare.

The old Holt was transferred safely, but she had no physical damage. The man, mentally unstable, is still in police custody.

She herself has said that she is “ very lucky “, we assume that everything is over. What is life, a simple game like Wordle has helped this woman to be rescued.

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