World’s economy:

Novel coronavirus has totally trashed the world’s economy, as per today’s report “All money exchange markets facing poorest downfall including American’s stock exchange, European financial hubs, Chinese business market, and Asian exchange and trade”. Exports and Imports of all types have just closed almost by all means.

According to World Health Organization, this novel virus is becoming a bigger threat to the global community day by day, and it would almost kill 10 million peoples if the necessary health measurements/precautionary steps never taken by the Government officials and nations of the world.

Why it is happening?

Businessmen community is taking their cashback from stock exchange markets and banks; Microsoft has closed all their offices worldwide, Most of the cities are in lockdown which has interrupted all sources of inter/intra trading, Many airlines have switched off their flight and other operations due to health emergency. WHO has warned that it is an alarming situation for all of us and we just have to stop the spreading of virus to further healthy persons. Because COVID 19 virus is very dangerous and can be transfer to another rapidly.

Just to implement the orders many countries have locked their cities including New York times square, Berlin, Tokyo, Paris, Moscow, Sydney, Dubai, Riyadh, Holy Kaaba, London, Birmingham palace has locked down too.

President Donald Trump has put the curfew in many states as coronavirus patients have been diagnosed in all states of America.

Because of the lockage of all sources of transportation, petroleum prices are getting down on each day, even many banks in the world have reduced the interest rate to 0% on payment and loans. 

Necessary health measurements:

As per earlier reports, more than 8 thousand peoples have been dead in different continents and around 1 lac 90 thousand peoples have reported sick from this infectious disease. In early stages it is like as a little flu but could get worst in a few days like you will feel bad inhaling, bad flu or fever, rough coughing, and insomnia. But remember one thing, not every flu and fever is a coronavirus, usually, some people face flu problem whole year so it is your common ill condition but you better to take proper care of yourself, be neat and clean first, consult your doctor immediately for medication and rest at home is the best option in these days. Try to put yourself in self-quarantine for some days.