Xbox Live announces substantial improvements when streaming via Twitch from its platform

The official Xbox website has just announced its alliance with Twitch, Amazon’s streaming video platform, to “make it easier” than ever before to broadcast live games from the Xbox Live service. Users had been complaining for some time about the limitations of the Twitch application offered by the platform until now

“We’ve listened to your feedback and are happy to bring back this much-requested functionality, redesigned and improved. […] You can now access Twitch directly from the Xbox menu and manage your settings in a few easy steps” .

Remember that Xbox Live is the online platform for Microsoft consoles, which offers functions such as access to the browser and video calls from the TV or the download (free or paid) of video games the Xbox Games Store, depending on the subscription we have activated.

An improved stream that allows us to create our own gaming channel

Thus, as explained to us from the Microsoft gaming platform, it will now be possible (from the Xbox Series X/S consoles or from the Xbox One) to navigate to the “Capture and share” tab from the menu and select the “Live Broadcast” option.

Next, we’ll need to link the console to our existing Twitch account by accessing a URL or scanning a QR code from a mobile device. Once your account is linked, we will select the “Go Live Now” button to launch the live broadcast of the games we are playing in any of the video games downloaded to our Xbox.

I used an Xbox Series X to work like a PC. Spoiler: It goes wrong

I have used an Xbox Series X to work as on a PC. Spoiler: goes wrong

Before that, optionally, we can activate and configure a whole series of elements of the streaming broadcast:

  • Connect (or not) the headphones and the webcam.
  • Select the title of your broadcast.
  • From the options panel, we can activate the inclusion of a group chat and even manually configure the resolution and bit rate.

According to the Xbox Live statement, this system will even allow us to move from one video game to another in the middle of the broadcast.

In addition, not only will you be able to reach Twitch users who watch your broadcasts from any device: Xbox players who already follow you will be able to opt in to receive notifications when you go live on Twitch. Although for this you will have to specifically enable this function: within the ‘Preferences’ section, you will have to access Xbox Notifications adjust the live streaming settings.

Finally, everything indicates that this will not be the last news that reaches Xbox Live users thanks to the feedback provided by the user community: “be sure to check future updates, we will soon have some awesome new features based on your feedback.”