You can now get the new 15-inch Echo Show for €249: Alexa on the big screen to organize the whole family

One of the latest products announced by Amazon can now be purchased in Spain. The digital screen with Alexa Echo Show 15 can be reserved and will begin to be delivered from this same February 17.

Amazon Echo Show 15 is one of the latest offerings in display speakers from Amazon. Now the screen is the largest so far reaching 15.6 inches and Full HD resolution.

You can now buy it on Amazon for only 249.99 euros only the device to hang it on the wall. If you want it with support to be able to put it on a table or a shelf, both vertically and horizontally, it costs 279.98 euros.

Echo Show 15

15-inch screen and smart speaker with Full HD resolution, perfect for organizing your family life with calendar, notes and much more information.

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This screen-speaker-assistant in one is a product that integrates all the functions of the Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8, but with a design that clearly tries to look like a painting to integrate it into the decoration of your house.

While not in use can display personal photographs, chosen by the Amazon team or even works of art.

But the interesting thing is on your home screen where fully customizable widgets are displayed such as a calendar, quick notes, shopping list, recipes or even information on that Amazon package that you are going to get. deliver.

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It also has a camera so you can make video calls with other Amazon users and microphones so they can listen to you or talk to Alexa. As in other Echo products, it has a button that physically covers the camera and electrically disconnects the microphones to add more privacy.

Amazon has created the possibility that each member of the family can have their own personalized screen simply by recognizing your voice, which will give you your own results. on Telegram

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