You can now have the cinema at home with this impressive 55-inch television for only 399 euros

If you are looking for a large television for your living room, and you want it to offer the best image quality and a very high resolution, one of the best brands in this regard is Huawei, which now allows you to get hold of one of its great launches half price.

And it is that Huawei has that television that you are looking for to have a movie screen in your living room, and that is because its imposing Huawei Vision S 55-inch television is a marvel of image, with a 4K panel and also enabled so you can make video calls with your friends and family.

And now the 55-inch Huawei Vision S television is only 399 euros in the brand’s official store, in a product that you can receive in the next few days in the comfort of your home.

You can now have the cinema at home with this imposing 55-inch television at only 399 euros

This 55-inch Huawei television is on sale at only 399 euros, no less than with a reduction of 400 euros compared to its previous price, a 50% discount that allows you to get hold of one of the leading televisions in the market.

This is a 55-inch television with a 4K resolution screen and a 120 Hz refresh rate, thus offering the highest possible image quality.

It also has a spectacular removable 13 Mpx magnetic camera at the top of the panel, which will allow you to make full-screen video calls at 1080p resolution so that it seems that you have your friends and family in your living room as well. on Telegram

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This Huawei television also includes four speakers at 40 dB and everything under the Huawei Sound system, based on the HarmonyOS operating system.

Obviously, as is usual in this type of television, it has built-in DTT, the possibility of duplicating the screen thanks to Mirror Control and even giving us the option of enjoying different video games using our phone as a remote to control the action on the screen. big screen.