YouTube announces new ways to monetize for its content creators and gives much more prominence to Shorts

YouTube’s plans to improve monetization of its content creators look set to do a near 180-degree turn. In the last few hours, the streaming video platform has announced new changes that affect the way creators earn money.

In recent months YouTube has announced several changes to its platform and, now, not only long videos with complex content are of interest. In fact, the new way of working on YouTube is through short videos that have been called shorts.

These small videos seem to be the center of interest on YouTube. In the latest statement by Neal Nohan, product director of YouTube, has announced new features that will arrive throughout this year. These features have not been specifically mentioned.

But what has been said is that new effects would arrive, improvements in the tools when editing and the ability to reply to a comment on a video by creating a short. This feature comes directly from TikTok, so it looks like a direct response to this social network.

Of course, the most important change in the platform will be the possibility of monetizing this content. And, is that, YouTube shorts can now be monetized. The way that YouTubers will do this is basically by adding features like, for example, bringing super chats to shorts.

In addition, it will also allow content creators to sell their products directly from YouTube. This would not be something completely new, to date it has already introduced the possibility of buying products through videos and also live purchases on its platform.

The latest feature aimed at improving the how content creators interact with other creators. And, it is that, now within YouTube the direct ones can be done together and this would duplicate the interactions between the spectators and the different creators of content.

Also, in terms of monetization those of YouTube also plan to introduce paid subscriptions. This would make them equal to Twitch, although it remains to be seen if users are willing to pay for YouTube subscriptions and, above all, if there are creator profiles that fit into this plan.

We will have to wait to see how these plans work and, above all, how users adapt to this type of news and features. For the moment, we will have to be attentive to see exactly when they decide to implement these novelties that have come to light thanks to The Verge.