Zoe Saldana was forced to delete a Guardians of the Galaxy 3 post

The secrecy of the big studios, like Marvel, is widely known by all. Efforts to prevent leaks (uncontrolled) are the daily bread in filming of the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And it is not the first time that Marvel Studios has worked its magic so that some publications of its stars “disappear under strange circumstances”.

The harshness with which the studio has treated Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland is also known, prohibiting them from attending some premieres for spoilers in promo interviews.

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With that in mind, we’re off to the set of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which is currently filming with its entire cast.

James Gunn returns to Marvel to close out his Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy that began in 2014, bringing back the entire cast. roster of characters.

One of them is Gamora, the adoptive daughter of Thanos who returned from another timeline after being sacrificed by her “father” to obtain the Soul Stone.

Zoe Saldana, who plays the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has been sharing plenty of behind-the-scenes glimpses of her makeup process to become Gamora.

But one of the images shared included in the shot some things fans shouldn’t see before the movie arrives.

Both so Marvel Studios asked Saldana to withdraw the publication to avoid spoilers.

Taking into account how strong the contracts are s of Marvel Studios and, consequently, Disney, the actress withdrew the publication and edited it so that “everything that should not be seen was removed“, which was basically the script.

Shortly after, Zoe Saldana re-uploaded the video in which she reads the script while enjoying some matte, with her Gamora makeup ready to go into action.

It’s one more example of what meticulous they are sometimes in big studios to prevent leaks from occurring. Then entire trailers appear online ahead of time, but that’s a story for another day.